Memberships and Unlimited Tennis


Membership runs on year from the date you join. Members are sent a monthly statement for all charges. Members are billed the renewal rate on the membership anniversary date. If membership is cancelled, you must pay the enrollment fee to reinstate. Rates are subject to change. 

Membership Rates

New member special through August 31, 2022: $0 enrollment fees


Membership Rate: $500
First Year Enrollment: $75


Membership Rate: $430/year
First Year Enrollment: $75


Membership Rate: $380/year
First Year Enrollment: $75


Membership Rate: $250/year
First Year Enrollment: $50

Young Adult (Ages 21-29)

Membership Rate: $210/year

Junior (Under Age 21)

Membership Rate: $180/year

*Includes children/child under 21 years old
Membership and enrollment fees are non-refundable 

Summer Unlimited Programs

Enjoy summer tennis on one of MVRC's 2022 Summer Unlimited programs! Contact the club to sign up for this program that offers unlimited tennis for a set fee. You must sign up year to year. Even if you were on unlimited last year, you must re-register. 

Any of the Unlimited play options may be chosen as an alternative to paying regular hourly court fees. However, you must register for the entire season (June 1-August 31).

Regular tennis court time and leagues are included at no charge. USTA, Round Robins and Tournament play are discounted for summer unlimited members. Permanent Court Time, guests' court time and lessons are not included. You must be a member to take advantage of the Summer Unlimited programs. 

Summer Unlimited Rates









Junior (Under Age 21)


Morning Only (Open to 9:30 a.m.)



MVRC Pro Shop Points

Our pro shop purchasing program encourages members to support and utilize the MVRC Pro Shop. Here is how the Pro Shop Points (PSP) program works: 

Individual members will be charged $20/quarter and parent/child, couple and family members will be charged $25/quarter (quarterly account charges are to be billed on Sept.1, Dec. 1, Mar. 1 and June 1. 

Once charged to member accounts, they will immediately be available to spend on qualifying purchases at the MVRC Pro Shop and will remain valid on your account for one year from the billing date. PSP are not transferable. 

Qualifying purchases include racquets, footwear, apparel, bags, strings, grips, tennis accessories and tennis balls. Remember, our racquet prices meet or beat internet pricing.